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The CellarTec Signature Series wine cellar cooling system is the ideal choice for wine enthusiasts looking for the premier system on the market today.
The design and development of the CellarTec Signature Series cooling systems is based on over two decades of refining wine storage. These digitally controlled premium systems are engineered, designed, tested and manufactured with the serious wine collector in mind. The Signature systems include top-of-the-line components, features and options including: CellarTec Signature
  • Air and Liquid Temperature Displays
  • Ambient Air Temperature Displays
  • Cellar Humidity Display
  • Cooling System Demand Display
  • High and Low Refrigerant Pressure Displays
  • Condensate Pump Overflow Protection
  • Cold Weather Start Features,
    (Tested & Certified to -15 Degrees)
  • Short Cycle Protection
  • Humidity Control
  • Fan Control
  • Cellar Door Sensor/Alarm
  • Optional Web Based Internet Monitoring
  • One Year Limited System Warranty
  • The CellarTec Signature Series system is available in multiple sizes and configurations to fit any sized cellar space. We specifically match this equipment to each customer’s specific room requirements. Apex has fully tested this system. Our design consultants will provide a personalized load calculation at no cost to ensure that the cooling system is properly sized for your cellar.

    The CellarTec Signature Series system is the most robust and technologically advanced wine cellar cooling system on the market. This is the obvious choice for those that desire the best.
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