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The Signature Collection wine cellar series were created from our 20+ years of traveling the world designing cellars for corporate executives, heads of state, and royal families. These unique collections of hardwood cellars are offered in three décor themes. The Winemaker Series features an exclusive blend of reclaimed wine barrel materials along with oak accents that are stained in red wine. The Tuscan Series features selected distressed moldings, trim and pillars along with the use of ironwork built into the cabinet doors to create a true old world Tuscany appearance. Finally, the Cambridge Series resembles the essence of a formal English library, using heavy moldings and gothic cathedral mullion cabinet doors.
Signature Collection Cambridge Series
Signature Collection Tuscan Series
Signature Collection Winemaker Series
Signature design and CAD services require a great deal of exclusive attention to your individualized project. As a result, a small design fee is charged. This fee is 100% refunded when the order is confirmed. As part of the service we will consult with you and/or your designer to design and build the Signature Collection best suited to your décor theme. Services include a detailed plan and front view color CAD drawing, cooling system load analysis, written proposal with a breakdown of the cellar components and bottle capacity, complete list of what needs to be “done by others,” and installation schedule. Signature design and CAD services
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